Can-America-Survive-If-Americans-No-Longer-Agree-On-A-Core-Set-Of-Shared-Values-Photo-by-DrRandomFactorWhen Andrew moved to America, he brought his father’s recipes with him. With the help and business savvy of his wife Peggy, he knew that a real meal served fast, hot and fresh would catch on like a wok on fire!  And along the way he’s recruited the most talented chefs to grow from a few Panda kitchens to over 800 nationwide.

All Panda Chefs are famous for wokking up delicious creations with fresh meats and vegetables in the Panda kitchen. Some dishes you’ll recognize as Chinese traditions, like Kung Pao with a kick, savory Beef and Broccoli and of course, our yummy Chow Mein. You can also enjoy new taste sensations, like the sweet and spicy Panda original, Orange Flavored Chicken.

indexThe Panda Express story started with an inventive young man, Andrew Cherng, from the picturesque Yangzhou region of China. Andrew’s childhood was filled with the wonderful flavors of authentic Chinese food. You see, Andrew’s father was a master chef with a unique gift of creating irresistible flavors using the finest ingredients. And his gift would soon be traveling…


careersRed Robin is the up-and-coming concept in casual dining, and we are dedicated to our vision of growth, while keeping our top standards for product and service.
Our successful group of restaurants is embarking on an exciting course of expansion that will allow ground-floor opportunities.

1235996_24005539Red Robin also has an unparalleled and extraordinary approach to Guest service known as Unbridled Acts. There are thousands of stories of Red Robin Team Members who live the company’s values through random acts of kindness they bestow upon restaurant Guests and other Team Members. Each Unbridled Act®, regardless of size, is a true testament to Red Robin’s amazing culture and the care it takes for each and every Guest.

indexRed Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc., was founded on four core values: Honor, Integrity, Continually Seeking Knowledge and Having Fun. These core values are the foundation for every Red Robin decision from creating its mouthwatering gourmet burgers to hiring energetic Team Members and even to deciding new restaurant locations. They also are the foundation for how the company treats its Team Members, Guests and communities. Red Robin’s core values can be found embroidered on the sleeve of every Team Member’s uniform, which serves as a constant reminder of what makes the company unique and special.

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